Why Paper Quality Matters with Your Copiers and Printers

Get quality copy paper at Copeco in Northeast OhioI have a copier service customer who used to buy paper by the truckload because it was the cheaper way to go. One day, he called me out for copier repairs. I carefully checked the machine, made some tweaks and adjusted the registration, confident that would take care of the problem. Just a few days later, he called me because the machine had stopped working again. When I took another look, I found the registration I had just adjusted was off once more.

Then, I grabbed a stack of his paper, that “truckload stuff,” and measured it. Guess what? It was cut 1/16-in. too short and was flopping around in the paper drawer. And that’s all it takes to throw off a copier or a printer.

Bottom line: quality paper will save you money in the long run. Why?

  1. Quality copy paper has a uniform cut and size. As my paper-by-the-truckload example illustrates, cheap paper can stop your copiers and printers from functioning. Not only will you have paper jams galore, you’re also likely to have lots of service calls.
  2. Quality paper keeps your machine cleaner longer. Cheap paper gives off a lot of dust that builds up inside a copier or multi-function printer. This, too, will result in paper jams and machine breakdowns.
  3. Quality paper keeps its shape. Cheap paper tends to have a higher moisture content that curls the paper. And, you guessed it – this leads to paper jams and other problems.

Many customers ask me, “Do I need to use a special type of paper for color copies?” My response to this questions is always yes.

If you do a lot of color copying, it’s important to use quality paper designed specifically for color copies. That’s because black & white copies and color copies are made in two completely different ways.

When you’re making a black & white copy, you’re fusing black toner into the paper. That toner is pressed into the paper and permanently adhered to it. With color, you’re blending four different colors of toner ON TOP of the paper. You don’t want the toner to be absorbed; that will result in faded-out looking copies. Quality color copy paper has a harder service and prevents toner from sinking in.

Also, stay away from ink jet or coated stock in a copier or laser printer. Ink jets spray ink onto paper without using heat. Copiers, laser printers and multi-function printers, on the other hand, use heat, which will melt the coated stock inside your machine and cause a mess.

Finally, recognize that companies selling paper that’s “99% jam free” are making a false promise. But, you do get what you pay for. When customers in our Northeast Ohio copier and printer service area ask me what’s the best paper for a copier or printer, I recommend:

  • 20# weight and 85-90 brightness for black & white copies.
  • 24-28# weight with 90 or higher brightness for color copies.

If you stick to quality paper that meets the above criteria, you’ll have fewer paper jams and probably won’t need to see your copier service technician as often.

Copeco, headquartered in North Canton, Ohio, offers a wide selection of black & white and color copy paper for all your printing needs. Contact us for a quote.

8 Reasons Why a Document Management System Saves You Time and Money

Electronic document management systems have been around for a while, and most organizations are at least familiar with what they do – namely, serve as a centralized repository for filing, indexing, storing and retrieving digital content and documents. Although the technology behind document manager software and web-based systems has advanced significantly, it still can be difficult to convince people to invest in one.

If you’re a conscientious but frustrated office manager still surrounded by stacks and piles of paper – or responsible for tracking down electronic documents and records that exist somewhere on an employee’s computer – here are eight great ways a document management system can help you save money and improve productivity.

  1. Eliminate the need to leave your desk and dig through filing cabinets, hoping the document you need is stored correctly. With document management services, you can find a document with just a few clicks of a mouse, all in the comfort of your office.
  2. Get rid of the filing cabinets altogether and don’t buy anymore. Just think of what you could do with all that extra space!
  3. Do away with off-site storage and put some money back into your budget. Everything you used an off-site document storage company for can now be done faster, easier and more cost-efficiently with a document management system. Plus, hate that task of weeding out old documents? A management system can delete or move them to other folders automatically, based on date.
  4. Do away with the cost of pulling documents that are stored offsite. You would no longer have to pay a courier service to retrieve documents from your off-site storage location. And, as you know, those costs can really add up!
  5. Allow multiple employees to access the same document at the same time. A document management system functions much like a library, offering a secure check-out system so that only one person can make changes to a document at a given time. But, unlike the library, everyone else who has permission to view that document can always see it, even if it’s checked out. And, if another employee needs to edit that document, he or she will know exactly who has checked it out.
  6. Assist customers with questions faster than ever before. With document management, you don’t have to put people on hold or call them back later in order to pull a file. Just look it up from your computer!
  7. Simplify your workflow with document imaging. With a management system, you can scan or upload documents easily and route them to specific individuals for an electronic signature, mark-ups and more. In most industries, electronic signatures are acceptable, as long as the individual is logged into the system.
  8. Breeze through audits quickly and stay compliant with government regulations. Most auditors prefer to deal with digital documents and content management systems because it saves them lots of time, too. Plus, the system enables you to keep tight security on documents for HIPAA and SOX purposes, locking them down by user groups and specific logon IDs.

Remember, time is money. With a document management system, your employees will be freed up to accomplish more in their day.

If you’d like to learn more about the document management systems we offer at Copeco, just give us a call. We can help you make the switch from paper filing to digital storage!