Features of Good Document Management Software


Document Management

Dennis Porter

Last week we dug deeper into the topic of document management during our second edition of Snacks & Solutions. Our on-site expert on this subject, Dennis Porter, shared tips and techniques for using our advanced OCR (optical character recognition) software called DocRecord. This simple, affordable system – which works well for large and small business alike – allows you to capture, organize, store and recall all of your electronic and hard-copy documents. There are so many benefits with DocRecord.

During his presentation, Dennis stressed some key points to look for in a good document management system. If you’re thinking about investing in this technology for digital files, this information may help you decide what’s best for your company.

When choosing electronic file management software, you want an integrated system that:

  • Is a full ECM system (Enterprise Content Management). You can use it to store ANY electronic file, not just scanned documents.
  • Keeps an audit trail of all activity, including who viewed, printed, e-mailed and/or modified which documents allowing for easier HIPAA and other government compliance audits.
  • Has retention rules for how long to keep a document within a certain category. Retention can be based on the document’s scan date, index date or other parameter. For example, you can keep all human resource documents for 10 years after an employee’s termination date.
  • Is based on standard Microsoft SQL technology. Because it’s non-proprietary, your documents are not changed from their native format in any way. That way you can move your documents from one system to another safely and easily.
  • Makes it easy to add items via drag and drop, desktop scanner, e-mail, MS Office integration and your copier or multi-function printer.

If you own a business in Northeast Ohio or Toledo / Maumee area and would like to know how electronic document management can help your business, give us a call. I know Dennis or a member of our knowledgeable sales team would be happy to assist you.

Also, feel free to join us for our next edition of Snacks & Solutions on May 17 where you can learn to create your own professional-looking flyers, posters, brochures and more using your own color copier!

Reduce Printer & Copier Costs with App for Print Management, Part 4: Security

Characteristics of non-invasive printing manager softwareIf you understand the benefit of good print management software (monitor copier and printer usage for cost-reduction purposes) and reviewed the apps that are compatible with your network (majority require a Windows-based server or PC), then hopefully you’ve had it installed and are happy with how it’s operating.

In an age of spyware and concerns about security breaches and stolen data, it’s important that you feel comfortable with how your print management app collects information. I’m sure you would agree – your software and its DCA (data collection agent) should not be intrusive. If you didn’t check on these issues prior to installation, it’s not too late to verify that your printer manager software:

  1. Only does a simple SNMP query on the network.
  2. Only communicates with printing devices.
  3. Only pulls information that is published in the public area of your devices.
  4. Gives you complete control over DCA behavior. You should be able to limit scan interval, IP range and overall operation.
  5. Will cache out 30 days worth of scan files on your server.
  6. Allow you to see the raw data file that’s transmitted to any third-party Web server for analysis.
  7. Should be compliant with HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, FISMA and GLBA.

Have peace of mind about your printing management system and the data it’s collecting. Take the time to research the app you’re using to ensure that it complies with these seven non-intrusive characteristics.

To learn more about non-intrusive print management software that’s available for businesses in Canton, North Canton, Akron, Youngstown and beyond, contact us.