How to Quickly Resolve Copier Error Codes

Office SuperwomanIt’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s the Error Code Fixer!

Smooth operations in an office are essential, and our goal is to keep your office moving and your equipment humming. Previously we discussed quick tips for clearing paper jams. In this post, I will give you some tips on what to do when you receive an error code.

The best news about error codes? A major fix is not always necessary, as they can be remedied quickly and easily. You may be able to resolve the error code quickly yourself and become the office hero—cape optional.

Although we specialize in Sharp printers and copiers, these tips will help you with most any model of printer or copier.

3 Tips for Resolving Sharp Copier Error Codes

  1. Read the error code and other messages carefully. Take a minute to read the error code and message, since some codes are merely maintenance codes that mean it is time to service the machine. If that is the case, it is usually OK to continue to use the machine until it is serviced. Other codes will show actual problems with the machine.
  2. Try resetting the machine. Sometimes copiers can produce false error codes. Reset the machine by simply turning it off and then back on using the main power switch usually located inside the front door in the lower left-hand corner. On some smaller machines, the main power switch is located externally on the left side panel of the machine. On most newer copiers, you will need to wait until the little LED light by the power switch on the control panel turns green, then turn that switch back on as well. If this procedure resets the code, you can continue to use the machine. If not, proceed to tip three.
  3. Call us with the error code. We are here to help! Before you call, write down the error code and any other messages the copier is displaying. Or, if you can, call us while near the machine. Providing error codes on the call allows us to ensure our technicians have the needed parts or supplies when they visit your office. 

If an error code has you stumped, our qualified service techs will be there to save the day. Our goal is to make sure your office in Canton, North Canton, Akron, Toledo or elsewhere in Ohio is up and running in no time. Contact us!