Take a Tour of Copeco’s New Showroom!

This past year we spent many hours planning, then remodeling the showroom at Copeco headquarters to create a more useful and inviting space for guests. Now that it is ready, we welcome you to come inside and take a look for yourself!

Copeco vestibule

The first thing you will notice when entering the new showroom is the reconfigured waiting area. We love when you attend our Snacks & Solutions educational series and other events, so a new reception area was a must, complete with sign-in desk and comfortable seating.

My favorite features are the addition of the large glass windows and sliding glass “barn doors” to the showroom. We need to make use of what  natural sunlight we get here in Northeast Ohio!


When you enter the showroom, you will notice that it is much more spacious! This allows us to display more products, that you can test out before purchasing. We always welcome people to come into the showroom to “play.” The extra square footage also gives everyone more elbow room at Snacks & Solutions. Stay tuned: Planning is underway for the new season of Snacks & Solutions starting this Spring.

spacious copeco showroom featuring sharp copiers

Have you wanted to check out Sharp’s Aquos Board? Now you can with its prominent location in the showroom. Sit at the conference table and explore all of the possibilities the Aquos Board holds for your conference, board and meeting rooms.

aquos board featured in copeco's showroom

Speaking of conference rooms, we have a brand new one off the showroom with enough space to seat 10 people. If you have multiple people involved in the decision-making process, it is now easier for us to comfortably accommodate all of you.

copeco conference room

Photos do not do this new space justice! Contact us and come in for a personal tour or even a “play date.”

Copiers and Printers: The Next Generation, Episode I

Business Man in SpaceOffice spaces, the final frontier. These are the voyages of Sharp multi-function printers and copiers. Their continuing mission: to explore strange new corporations, to seek out new life and new technologies, to boldly go where no printer or copier has gone before.

OK, maybe that was a little over the top, but Sharp continues to introduce innovative new printer and copier technology each year. We want to introduce you to the next generation of Sharp multi-function printers (MFPs). Tom Kappele, regional sales manager with Sharp Electronics Corp., shares his opinions below on new trends and features.

New Features You Can Expect in the Next Year

Sharp has recently released products in a few different categories, and I would expect this trend to continue over the next year. Like many of the manufacturers in our industry, we are introducing products in new market segments and also improving and enhancing existing products to meet customer expectations.

Recent introductions have included:

  • Production Color Models: 65- and 75-page-per-minute models with advanced job management tools and color processing capabilities using a Fiery print server. These models open new doors for Sharp and our dealers allowing us to sell color into high-volume production environments. These are our most advanced color MFPs ever.
  • Advanced Digital Display Products: Sharp’s line of Aquos Board Interactive Displays (60-, 70- and 80-inch models) give our dealers an opportunity to help customers in new markets—conference rooms, training facilities, etc. These products are state-of-the-art, high-definition LCD displays that can replace old technology such as projectors, white boards and flip charts in classrooms, conference rooms and more.
  • Mid-Volume Color MFP Products with New/Enhanced Functionality, including:
    • Standard wireless capability
    • Standard mobile printing
    • Standard Adobe postscript printing
    • Cloud-based document management and document storage capability
    • Standard Pantone color matching
    • Faster processors, more standard memory and larger hard drives for improved job completion
    • Enhanced, customizable user interfaces to simplify end user experience
    • Longer supply yields and reduced total cost of ownership

In the next year I would expect Sharp to release black-and-white models that incorporate some of these same enhancements that our color line-up has seen in the past 6-12 months. Sharp is a leading technology company that is constantly looking to improve existing products, and end users expect us to bring improvements and enhancements to our products.

How These Features Help Boost Productivity

The MFP market has been mature for years, so it’s not seeing growth from year to year in overall unit sales. Our industry is all about improving current technology. Improved productivity using the features mentioned above is part of the overall improvement of technology. These new capabilities are designed to simplify complex printing, copying and scanning jobs and shorten turnaround time.

Document management solutions, as mentioned above, will continue to be a focus for Sharp. All current and future products have the ability, using Sharp’s Open System Architecture (OSA), to integrate with third-party software solutions to easily scan and archive electronic documents, automate workflows to improve document processing within an organization, or track MFP usage and seamlessly bill by department using third-party accounting systems.

Cloud services are quickly becoming attractive for MFPs, just as they are for day-to-day software solutions in the office environment. End users have the option to pay monthly subscription fees for software rather than purchasing and installing it on their own server. I expect that trend to continue, so we’ll see even greater focus from Sharp on additional cloud services over the next year.

Share with us your feedback and the features you would like to see in new Sharp multi-function printers.

In Copiers and Printers: The Next Generation, Episode II, we will look further into the future of copiers and printers with Tom Kappele.

Best of Copeco’s Copy Talk 2013

The goal of Copy Talk is to bring you informative articles that will help you troubleshoot problems, use your multi-function printer or copier more effectively, and help your office run more smoothly. In short, we want to let you get to know us a little better! Our talented staff has shared some great information this past year on the blog. To prevent that information from getting lost in the archives and deep dark corners of the web, we bring you the best of Copy Talk from 2013. These articles contain the best tips we’ve shared that are sure to help your business.

best of copy talk 2013

Get Video How-to Resources for Sharp Printers on YouTube

If you use a Sharp multi-function printer or copier at your office, you will want to read this article. Who has time to read the highly technical and overwhelming product manual that comes with your office equipment? I know that I’m much more inclined to Google the answer to my problem. But then thousands of results are returned. Which will give you the answer you are looking for? Sharp has produced some excellent resources to help, in video form! No more diagrams to follow. See a real person, using a real machine and showing you how to accomplish what you need to do.

Before You Call For Copier and Printer Service

Lines or spots on your copies? It is a common problem that can be very frustrating. But, before you call someone out to take a look at your equipment, you may be able to troubleshoot the problem yourself. Mark Pamer walks you through some simple things to check before you call. These tips will save you time!

How to Recycle Your Sharp Toner Cartridges

Stop, drop, recycle! Sharp makes it very easy for you to recycle your used Sharp toner cartridges. Their bulk recycling kit makes gathering and shipping your toner cartridges a breeze! Place the shipping box in the mail room or near each Sharp printer or copier and most of the work is done for you.

How to Use Specialized Printing Functions on Your Sharp Copier

The specialized printing options available on Sharp printers and copiers are truly amazing. No more printing several different times on several different papers and then assembling your reports, manuals and other books. Specialized printing options allow you to specify different weight or colors of papers for the front page and back page of your project or any page in-between. Your multi-function printer will perfectly print and collate your project.

How to Quickly Resolve Copier Error Codes

An error code appears on the screen and then panic breaks out. What to do? Good news! Many error codes are easy to fix yourself. Mark Pamer shares three easy tips that will help you resolve the error code on your Sharp printer or copier. No need to fret; if you cannot get the error code cleared yourself, our trained service technicians are always here to help.

5 Common Mistakes People Make When Purchasing a Copier

When purchasing a piece of office equipment like a copier or printer, you want to make sure you make the right decision. Learn from others’ mistakes and how to avoid making them yourself. Randy Hudson explains why not buying color, not understanding the lease, not understanding the service contract, over or underbuying, and buying used or “pre-certified” are the most common mistakes.

We look forward to providing you with more tips and tricks in 2014 to help your business and office run more smoothly. Do you have any questions on Sharp copier features, issues you want to learn how to troubleshoot, or any other copier or printer topics you would like to see us cover? If so, please leave us a comment below! We hope you have a Happy New Year!