How to Create & Print Banners In-House on Your Copier

Save your business or organization money when you are in need of a banner. Creating and printing banners in-house is easier than you might think. In a previous blog post, graphic designer Jenni James shared great tips to help non-designers create an effective banner. Once you have designed your banner, it is time to print it. Here are the simple steps you need to take to print a professional banner in-house.

*For this post we use Microsoft Publisher to create and print the banner. Other desktop publishing programs like Adobe InDesign could also be used. It’s also important to note that banner printing is only available on newer Sharp multi-function printer models. If you are unsure if  your printer has this capability, contact us

1. Select and order paper

Our paper specialists recommend ordering 11″ x 40″ banner paper that is made out of card stock and specifically cut for banner production.

2. Create your banner

First, open Microsoft Publisher to create a new publication, selecting more blank page sizes as shown in the screenshot below.


Next select create new page size. When the dialog box opens, name the new page size “Banner.” Change the width to 11″ and height to 40″. Set all of your margin guides at 0.5″.

Make sure “1 page per sheet” is selected.

selecting the right options for banner size

Click on this image to see it full size.

Now use the design tips Jenni suggested to design and create your banner.

3. Print your banner

Once you have created and proofed your banner, you are ready to print. First you will want to prepare your Sharp multi-function printer or copier and select the correct settings. Follow these steps:

  1. Paper select: Bypass tray
  2. Select type and size: Type heavy 1
  3. Select size direct entry

Once in the size direct entry screen, you will want to add the following dimensions (sizes need to be in mm, not inches):

x 40  |  mm 1016
y 11  |  mm 279

Then make sure you hit execute.

Now you can print your banner from your computer. Open the file menu and select print. In the print dialog box, you will want to first make sure the correct printer is selected and it is displayed as in the image below. Click on printer properties.

printing settings for banner printing on your sharp printer

Next select the paper tab menu. Paper size should display long paper. For the paper source, select bypass tray (custom paper). Under paper type, select heavy paper-1. See the image below for how the settings should look.

selecting the right settings on the paper tab menu for banner printing

Click on the image to see it full size.

Click OK, then print and you are done!

Have additional questions on printing a banner? Leave your questions below in the comments or contact us.