Six Benefits of Letting Your Copier Tech Take Care of Printer Repairs

Printer and copier maintenanceWhen our expert Copeco service technicians go out to service or repair a Sharp copier, they often walk right by the office laser printers. And, the truth is, we are also experts at taking care of virtually all printer makes and models. So, why not let us take care of both?

There are many advantages to having your copier technician also handle your printer repair, particularly if you choose a managed print services (MPS) plan. An MPS is an excellent cost-saving measure if you’re running 10,000 or more black-and-white laser-printed pages per month.

The benefits of having one provider for copier and printer maintenance include:

  • Cutting costs. With an MPS, you will pay a set monthly amount and can gauge your per-printed-page costs. There are no surprises. You can predict not only your maintenance and supply costs, but also your usage. That means never running out of toner and paper or needing to stockpile it.
  • Familiarity with your tech. Chances are you know your copier repair person well. At Copeco, our techs have been serving our customers for years and even decades. They have tenure and experience. They know the equipment, and they know our customers.
  • Fast, dependable response time. With most MPS agreements, you’re guaranteed same-day repairs – often within just a short time of your service call.
  • Freeing up your IT department. When you call someone in your IT department to fix your printer, you may be taking them away from critical projects that affect your bottom line. Leave printer repairs to expert technicians who can quickly diagnose problems and often have the parts on hand to complete the job.
  • Similarity of technology. Virtually all laser printers function in the same way, no matter who the manufacturer is. That makes it easy for a tech to readily handle an entire laser printer fleet, even if you’ve got a mix of brands.
  • Availability of parts and support. Techs can access any service manual or manufacturer’s printer support. Plus, your tech will know which aftermarket products work the best. If you order online, you may not get the highest quality parts or any type of guarantee.

When you depend on your laser printers as much as you depend on your copiers, I recommend letting one company with a reputation for service excellence care for both. It’s simple and cost-efficient!