Why Paper Quality Matters with Your Copiers and Printers

Get quality copy paper at Copeco in Northeast OhioI have a copier service customer who used to buy paper by the truckload because it was the cheaper way to go. One day, he called me out for copier repairs. I carefully checked the machine, made some tweaks and adjusted the registration, confident that would take care of the problem. Just a few days later, he called me because the machine had stopped working again. When I took another look, I found the registration I had just adjusted was off once more.

Then, I grabbed a stack of his paper, that “truckload stuff,” and measured it. Guess what? It was cut 1/16-in. too short and was flopping around in the paper drawer. And that’s all it takes to throw off a copier or a printer.

Bottom line: quality paper will save you money in the long run. Why?

  1. Quality copy paper has a uniform cut and size. As my paper-by-the-truckload example illustrates, cheap paper can stop your copiers and printers from functioning. Not only will you have paper jams galore, you’re also likely to have lots of service calls.
  2. Quality paper keeps your machine cleaner longer. Cheap paper gives off a lot of dust that builds up inside a copier or multi-function printer. This, too, will result in paper jams and machine breakdowns.
  3. Quality paper keeps its shape. Cheap paper tends to have a higher moisture content that curls the paper. And, you guessed it – this leads to paper jams and other problems.

Many customers ask me, “Do I need to use a special type of paper for color copies?” My response to this questions is always yes.

If you do a lot of color copying, it’s important to use quality paper designed specifically for color copies. That’s because black & white copies and color copies are made in two completely different ways.

When you’re making a black & white copy, you’re fusing black toner into the paper. That toner is pressed into the paper and permanently adhered to it. With color, you’re blending four different colors of toner ON TOP of the paper. You don’t want the toner to be absorbed; that will result in faded-out looking copies. Quality color copy paper has a harder service and prevents toner from sinking in.

Also, stay away from ink jet or coated stock in a copier or laser printer. Ink jets spray ink onto paper without using heat. Copiers, laser printers and multi-function printers, on the other hand, use heat, which will melt the coated stock inside your machine and cause a mess.

Finally, recognize that companies selling paper that’s “99% jam free” are making a false promise. But, you do get what you pay for. When customers in our Northeast Ohio copier and printer service area ask me what’s the best paper for a copier or printer, I recommend:

  • 20# weight and 85-90 brightness for black & white copies.
  • 24-28# weight with 90 or higher brightness for color copies.

If you stick to quality paper that meets the above criteria, you’ll have fewer paper jams and probably won’t need to see your copier service technician as often.

Copeco, headquartered in North Canton, Ohio, offers a wide selection of black & white and color copy paper for all your printing needs. Contact us for a quote.

Get All Copier/Printer Supplies from One Stark, Summit County and Toledo Area Source

If you have several different types of copiers and printers in your office, you know what Office supplies and printer suppliesa hassle it can be to order office supplies for all of them. Rarely can you find one local source that carries products for most printers, faxes and copiers while also offering personal customer service, fast delivery and competitive pricing.

About a decade ago, we recognized that Copeco could be that local office equipment supply resource for businesses and organizations in Stark County, Summit County, Toledo and surrounding areas. Many of our customers would buy their Sharp copiers and supplies from us but still need copier/printer supplies for other brands.

With Copeco, you can get all printer, fax and copier supplies for Sharp, Ricoh, HP (Hewlett Packard), Canon, Xerox, Lexmark, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Muratec, Dell and Toshiba.  We also offer printer/copier paper in various colors, weights and sizes. Normally, your order will be delivered in just one or two business days.

So, skip the trip to Staples or Office Max. Copeco’s got you covered when it comes to ordering office products! To learn more or place an order, call Erica at 330-491-2968 or 800-852-0274, ext. 298. You can also email our supply department at supplyorders@copeco.com for more information or a personalized quote.

Experienced Copier and Printer Technicians in Toledo

Holy Toledo! All three of the Sharp copier and printer service technicians in our Toledo, Ohio, office have been part of the Copeco team for more than 20 years. That’s a lot of skill and experience in one place! Let me introduce them to you.

Copier and Printer Technician in Toledo, OhioJohn Cassidy handles delivery, set up and installation of new copiers and printers. A Sharp Superior Technician, he’s ranked among the top 150 in the nation. Kudos to you, John! He’s also big on data security and likes to help his customers protect the information that goes into and comes out of their multifunction printers.

John and his wife Barb have five grown children and two grandchildren. He says he’s stayed at Copeco for 23 years because of “the great group of people I’ve worked with over the years.”

A man who spends most of his working day on the road, service technician MarkCopier and Printer Service in Toledo Rader believes Sharp copiers and printers are “the most dependable, user-friendly, low-maintenance, cost-efficient office equipment in the industry.” He also says he enjoys his job of 20+ years because Copeco customers have been friendly, patient and easy to talk to. During his chats, Mark encourages them to be wary of toner pirates and to use multifunction machines to their fullest in order to save the most money.

Mark and his wife Lori have ridden their Harley more than 13,000 miles, visiting many destinations throughout the United States. They also cheer for the Cleveland Browns – which probably has not been as rewarding. But, loyalty is one of Mark’s great qualities!

Copiers, Multifunction PrintersGarry Sawkins, also a Sharp Superior Technician, has been with Copeco since 1987. Prior to that, he worked for Konica Australasia as a copier repair technician. Garry is a strong proponent of document scanning and says, “Don’t file it. Scan it!” He also likes to remind his customers to ask their sales representative to explain all the latest Sharp copier and printer features.

Garry and his wife have two daughters and enjoy traveling together. In his free time, he plays golf and shoots pool. I’m sure he’ll share some tips if you ask!

If you’re in the Toledo area and need Sharp copier and printer service, don’t hesitate to call John, Mark or Garry at 419.868.9100. They will be glad to help you out!

Choose a Master Tech for Copier and Printer Repair

If you run an office, you probably depend on a combination of office equipment – such as a copier, printer, multifunction printer (MFP), fax or all-in-one machine – to keep business running smoothly. When it’s time for maintenance or repair, hopefully you’ve got a qualified service technician you know by name and can trust to service everything.

In every industry (including office equipment maintenance), there are hallmarks of quality. For nearly 25 years, I’ve been fixing Sharp machines and have participated twice in the Sharp Information and Imaging Company of America (SIICA) Master Technician Competition, which is held once each decade. In 2008, four of us from Copeco competed together with about 3,000 other techs from across the nation. All four of us placed in the top 150, including one in the top 18, which means we all demonstrated superior- and master-level skills in:

As Copeco’s general service manager, I want to assure customers that the people who take care of their office equipment are experts in their field. The Master Technician designation is one way we do that. In addition, we have a factory certified trainer on site who makes sure our techs are prepared for the latest hardware and software updates.

The next time your multifunction copier or multifunction printer needs repair, ask your tech:

  • How long have you been maintaining office equipment?
  • What kind of training have you had?
  • How often do you receive training updates?

At Copeco, all of our techs have been with us for an average of 12 years, and they’re on a first-name basis with their customers. That’s another way we build trust. Whether it’s a down MFP, just a squeak or time for preventive maintenance, our service department can help.