Why Happy Employees Are Productive Employees

With tough economic times in recent years, many business owners and managers are trying to do more with less and make their offices more productive. People are looking for ways to streamline processes. Often, we have been able to help companies improve productivity and cut costs by helping them upgrade and improve their print, copy and document handling production processes. Improving processes is an important step in making your company more productive, but what about your employees, your greatest resource?

happy employeesDid you know happy employees are more productive and more motivated? In fact, according to a Forbes article, happy employees are 50% more productive. That is music to any manager’s ears!

A study by Towers Watson found that companies with high levels of employee engagement saw a 19.2% increase in operating income, while those with low levels of engagement experienced a 32.7% decline in operating income. One of the factors noted as most important to affecting job satisfaction was corporate culture.

Google is known for their fun work environment and their high level of employee satisfaction. While we have not gone to the lengths Google has by adding slides, bean bag conference rooms or hammocks to the Copeco offices, we do try to incorporate a spirit of employee appreciation into our corporate culture.

Each year we encourage our employees to dress up for Halloween. Sure it is something we all did as school children, but it seems even more fun as adults. It is hard to have an unhappy day when someone comes walking into your office or cubicle dressed as Pinocchio!

Copeco Employees Celebrate Halloween

During the summer months we hold our “Summer Spectacular.” It consists of multiple events to show appreciation to our employees and build camaraderie. During the Summer Spectacular we hold potlucks, breakfasts, a family picnic, casino night and a golf outing.

Denise Dennewitz Serving Breakfast at Copeco

We have also done other events throughout the year, such as partnering with our local hospital, Mercy Medical Center, to bring in a health fair. A healthy employee is a happy employee as well.

We hope these examples will inspire you to host some of your employee appreciation events. We are also here to help make your document handling processes more productive. If you are in the Canton, North Canton, Akron, Toledo areas, or elsewhere in Ohio, contact us.

What have you done at your business to show employee appreciation and make your office more productive?

Meet the Copy Talk Bloggers

The Copeco staff works tirelessly to bring you top-notch printer and copier equipment, and we love sharing our knowledge with you on the Copy Talk blog. We thought it would be nice to tell you a little bit more about ourselves, and why we do what we do for you.

Denise Dennewitz
Denise DennewitzDenise, the “Promo Pro,” or more officially known as the Marketing Director, has been with us for nearly 6 years. She enjoys all creative aspects of her job, especially devising new ways to engage and build relationships with our clients. Did you know she once pitched a no-hitter? It may have been a few years ago, but if we start a company softball team, we know who we are putting on the mound! Her favorite hobby is finding a hobby. She’s ruled out race car driving (sponsorship is difficult to come by these days), roofing (she has a fear of ladders) and geocaching (she’s directionally challenged). If you have a hobby idea for her, give her a call!

Erica Farrance
Erica FarranceErica is Copeco’s Supply Sales Manager, or “Cartridge Commander,” and has been with the company for over 7 years. She is not shy about her passion for sales and loves everything about her job in the supply sales command center. What you may not know about Erica is that she has a ridiculously good memory, whether it is names, dates or useless trivia. You may want to get her number just in case you ever need “phone a friend.” She also loves reading, watching movies, traveling, and spending time with her husband and family.

Noelle Frank
Noelle Frank“Printer Girl” Noelle Frank has been with us two years, but in that short time as Managed Print Service Specialist has produced amazing results for our clients, saving them time, money and streamlining their print processes. She enjoys meeting new people each day and providing them with solutions that no one else can. In addition to her print services prowess, she can whistle with her fingers and instantly gain everyone’s attention. In her spare time, Noelle enjoys hunting for vintage treasures, Zumba and dancing!

Randy Hudson
Randy HudsonAs Business Development Manager for Government, Education, Major Accounts, Randy gains great satisfaction from helping clients realize their goals. With more than 23 years of service with Sharp, 16 as a service technician, Randy considers himself the “Sharp Daddy.” We agree! When it comes to government accounts, Randy has some insight as he served as the Mayor of Canal Fulton in the nineties. He is quick to point out that is the 1990s, not the 1890s. He enjoys being a grandfather and spending time with his grandkids, fixing things and playing golf.

Dennis Porter
Dennis PorterDennis has been with us for 16 years and is the “Document Wizard” (or Software Solution Consultant, if you want to get technical about it). He enjoys helping businesses figure out ways to become more efficient, using his document wizardry skills of course. You may not know this, but Dennis came up with the idea for Facebook. The sad part is that he lost his notes at a Star Trek convention and Mark Zuckerberg found them. Poor guy. When not performing document wizardry, you can find Dennis working on home improvement projects, salivating over classic cars or geeking out over the latest advances in technology.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know our bloggers. At Copeco, our staff and customers are very important to us, and we want you to get to know us and consider us part of your company’s family. But enough about us—we want to hear about you! Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve your business goals.

How Document Management Can Increase Your Efficiency

Document ImagingSeveral office professionals in the Canton and Akron area learned about the benefits of document management at Copeco’s popular Snacks & Solutions training event April 18. After a great free lunch, Software Solutions Consultant Dennis Porter shared some of the many ways document management tools can help boost productivity in any office.

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Why Paper Matters When It Comes to Quality Printing

Why Quality Printer and Copier Paper Matters

All types of paper have passed through our department, we have seen good quality and really bad quality paper. Some call us paper specialists, but we simply use our senses when looking at paper. We see how it looks when held up to a light, feel the texture, smell it and listen to it when it is shaken. Tasting it is where we draw the line!

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Copiers and Printers: The Next Generation, Episode II

The previous episode of Copiers and Printers: The Next Generation, explored new features you can expect from Sharp in the next year and how these features help boost productivity. In this episode, Tom Kappele, regional sales manager with Sharp Electronics Corp., shares his opinions on trends and what might be coming down the pike in the future with copiers and printers.

Looking Further Into the Future

Despite technological advances, we are a long way from being a paperless society. The number of printed pages worldwide is expected to remain steady over the next several years. As long as there is a need for printed documents, Sharp will develop and market new technology to make it easier, faster and more cost efficient for the customer. When you look at today’s devices compared to 5 or 10 years ago, the end user gets so much more for approximately the same amount of money.

Today’s multi-function printers (MFPs) are really more of a communications hub than just a copier or printer. Using these systems to their full capacity allows the user to copy, print and scan, as well as:

  • Archive documents either locally or in the cloud
  • Easily retrieve documents when needed
  • Pull documents to the MFP from the network
  • Browse the internet
  • Set up automated document workflows to process inbound or outbound paperwork more efficiently.

In addition, they print with incredible image quality at a more cost-effective cost per page than ever before.

Sharp celebrated its 100-year anniversary last year. We have been successful all these years by continually evolving and adapting to technological advancements and also by listening to our customers. That core philosophy will not change. When developing new products and technologies, end user feedback to the authorized dealer or directly to Sharp is very important. In some cases this input can be used to enhance current products even more quickly through firmware updates. Staying in tune with dealer and end user needs is critical to our long-term success in a very competitive industry. Your feedback is important to us.

Share with us your feedback and the features you would like to see in future Sharp multi-function printers.

Take a Tour of Copeco’s New Showroom!

This past year we spent many hours planning, then remodeling the showroom at Copeco headquarters to create a more useful and inviting space for guests. Now that it is ready, we welcome you to come inside and take a look for yourself!

Copeco vestibule

The first thing you will notice when entering the new showroom is the reconfigured waiting area. We love when you attend our Snacks & Solutions educational series and other events, so a new reception area was a must, complete with sign-in desk and comfortable seating.

My favorite features are the addition of the large glass windows and sliding glass “barn doors” to the showroom. We need to make use of what  natural sunlight we get here in Northeast Ohio!


When you enter the showroom, you will notice that it is much more spacious! This allows us to display more products, that you can test out before purchasing. We always welcome people to come into the showroom to “play.” The extra square footage also gives everyone more elbow room at Snacks & Solutions. Stay tuned: Planning is underway for the new season of Snacks & Solutions starting this Spring.

spacious copeco showroom featuring sharp copiers

Have you wanted to check out Sharp’s Aquos Board? Now you can with its prominent location in the showroom. Sit at the conference table and explore all of the possibilities the Aquos Board holds for your conference, board and meeting rooms.

aquos board featured in copeco's showroom

Speaking of conference rooms, we have a brand new one off the showroom with enough space to seat 10 people. If you have multiple people involved in the decision-making process, it is now easier for us to comfortably accommodate all of you.

copeco conference room

Photos do not do this new space justice! Contact us and come in for a personal tour or even a “play date.”

How to Use Specialized Printing Functions on Your Sharp Copier

Print ButtonYou have worked long and hard on that report for your new client. Now is the time to make sure you wow them with a report that looks as professional as it reads—after all, presentation is everything! An easy way to showcase your efforts is to use paper of a different thickness for the front and back pages of your report.

Copeco’s Sharp copiers and printers offer a convenient way to do just that. With a few simple steps, you can program your Sharp copier to pull paper from different trays while still printing the job in order. The result is a perfectly collated report that is ready for the binding of your choice.

Specialized Printing on a Windows PC

In addition to printing the front and back covers on heavier paper, when using Windows you can also insert colored paper or paper of a different type at specified pages. Blank pages can also be inserted at intervals of your choosing while working on a Windows PC.

  1. Select “Different Paper” and click the “Settings” button.
  2. Select paper insertion settings.
  3. Select the insertion position, paper source and printing method from the corresponding menus.
  4. Click the “Add” button to show the selected settings in “Information.”
  5. When you have completed the settings, click the “Save” button in “User Settings” to save the settings.

Note that when “Bypass Tray” is selected in “Paper Source,” be sure to select the “Paper Type” and load that type of paper in the bypass tray. In addition, when “Other Page” is selected for “Insert Position,” the insert position can be specified by directly entering a page number.

Specialized Printing on a Mac

When using this function in a Macintosh environment, you can use your Sharp printer to assign a specific page thickness to the front and back covers. Compatible operating systems include Mac OS 9, Mas OS X v10.4.11 and v10.5 to 10.5.5.

  1. Select “Printer Features” in the print dialog box.
  2. Select “Different Paper.”
  3. Select “Cover Insertion” settings.
  4. Select the print setting, paper tray and paper type for the cover page and last page.

Note that in Mac OS 9, you must select “Different Paper” and then select the settings for the cover page and last page.

The result is a presentation that is sure to impress your client from cover to cover. Let us know how your Sharp copier or printer has helped you make a good impression in the comments section below. And if you are in need of printer and copier solutions in the Canton, Akron or Toledo areas, Copeco can help. Contact us today.

Image Credit: stuartphoto/123RF Stock Photo

How to Recycle Your Sharp Toner Cartridges

At Sharp Toner RecyclingCopeco we are proud of our association with Sharp, and we especially appreciate their commitment to the environment. As part of its goal to reduce landfill waste, Sharp offers a copier toner recycling program called, “Stop, Drop, Recycle.”

In 2004, Sharp Corporation established standards for Super Green Products, and the company has been committed to improving its environmental sustainability management ever since. In fact, since 2004 all Sharp production facilities have been ISO 14001 certified. This ensures that Sharp’s environmental management and pollution preventing systems are maintained.

As a Copeco customer, you can participate in Sharp’s free recycling program, which offers convenience for you and keeps toner cartridges out of landfills. In this post, I’ll share the benefits of this environmentally friendly program and how you can participate.

Recycling That Is Convenient

When it comes to recycling, collection is half the battle. Sharp makes it easy to gather and ship your toner cartridges using its Bulk Recycling Kit. It contains:

• 3 pre-addressed, prepaid Sharp cartridge collection/shipping boxes
• 3 clear plastic liners
• 3 zip ties

Each collection/shipping box can hold up to 10 used toner cartridges. We suggest placing each box in the mailroom or near your Sharp printers and copiers for easy placement of used cartridges. Once a box is full, a liner and zip tie ensure no leakage during shipment.

The final step is to simply put the prepaid package in the mail—it really is that easy! Sharp is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of its products, including safe disposal at the end of a product’s life. The “Stop, Drop, Recycle” program is proof of that promise. All consumables are 100 percent recycled with zero waste going to a landfill.

Interested in recycling? Businesses and organization in the Canton, Akron, and Toledo areas can contact us. Let us help you help the environment!

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Snacks & Solutions: Get the Most From Your Sharp Printers and Copiers

Taking notes at Sharp Copier and Printer seminarWe were excited to host this year’s first Snacks & Solutions training event at Copeco’s North Canton, OH, location March 14. If you did not attend, you missed a great free lunch! Most importantly, attendees received some insightful training on Basic Scanning and how using that feature on their Sharp printers and copiers can help increase productivity.

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Snacks & Solutions: Basic Scanning Tips

Document RetrievalWhere else can you find out how to increase productivity and also enjoy a complimentary lunch? I will be kicking off Copeco’s popular Snacks and Solutions event series Thursday, March 14 with a session on Scanning Basics. From 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. at our North Canton, OH, location, I will share a variety of scanning tips that will help you increase productivity and get the most out of your Sharp copier.
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