How Document Management Can Increase Your Efficiency

Document ImagingSeveral office professionals in the Canton and Akron area learned about the benefits of document management at Copeco’s popular Snacks & Solutions training event April 18. After a great free lunch, Software Solutions Consultant Dennis Porter shared some of the many ways document management tools can help boost productivity in any office.

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How to Recycle Your Sharp Toner Cartridges

At Sharp Toner RecyclingCopeco we are proud of our association with Sharp, and we especially appreciate their commitment to the environment. As part of its goal to reduce landfill waste, Sharp offers a copier toner recycling program called, “Stop, Drop, Recycle.”

In 2004, Sharp Corporation established standards for Super Green Products, and the company has been committed to improving its environmental sustainability management ever since. In fact, since 2004 all Sharp production facilities have been ISO 14001 certified. This ensures that Sharp’s environmental management and pollution preventing systems are maintained.

As a Copeco customer, you can participate in Sharp’s free recycling program, which offers convenience for you and keeps toner cartridges out of landfills. In this post, I’ll share the benefits of this environmentally friendly program and how you can participate.

Recycling That Is Convenient

When it comes to recycling, collection is half the battle. Sharp makes it easy to gather and ship your toner cartridges using its Bulk Recycling Kit. It contains:

• 3 pre-addressed, prepaid Sharp cartridge collection/shipping boxes
• 3 clear plastic liners
• 3 zip ties

Each collection/shipping box can hold up to 10 used toner cartridges. We suggest placing each box in the mailroom or near your Sharp printers and copiers for easy placement of used cartridges. Once a box is full, a liner and zip tie ensure no leakage during shipment.

The final step is to simply put the prepaid package in the mail—it really is that easy! Sharp is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of its products, including safe disposal at the end of a product’s life. The “Stop, Drop, Recycle” program is proof of that promise. All consumables are 100 percent recycled with zero waste going to a landfill.

Interested in recycling? Businesses and organization in the Canton, Akron, and Toledo areas can contact us. Let us help you help the environment!

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Copying Success: How Sharp Helps Customers Again and Again

Success stories of Sharp copiers and printersPurchasing new copiers and printers for your business, school or church can rank up there with other costly capital expenditures. After all, you want to choose office equipment that will meet your changing needs for years to come.

When I have to make a big decision about a product or service, I usually start by reading reviews. I want to see not only how others have rated the product I’m considering, but also how they’ve successfully incorporated it into their life and workflow (or not).
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FAQ: What Is the Best Copier for My Business?

Get Sharp Color Copiers and Printers in Canton, Akron, Toledo and Northeast OhioThis is one of the questions that begins nearly every conversation I have with a new client. How do I choose the right copier for my organization’s needs? It doesn’t matter if you own a small business, manage a department in a mid- to large-sized company, or run a church or school office. You still need a copier, printer or all-in-one machine that will do everything you need it to do at a price you can afford.

The first place I always start is by asking, “What needs do you have that aren’t currently being fulfilled by your printers and copiers?” So, you should start there, too.

  • Create a list of must-haves, as well as printer options you’d like to have.

In most cases, you’re probably ready for functionality you didn’t have before, like scanning, stapling or three-hole punching. But maybe you aren’t sure of all the amazing things today’s advanced printing technology can do. Be sure to ask! Some options that were add-ons several years ago now come standard, which is always an added bonus.

The next thing to consider when you’re picking out a new printer is black-and-white copies vs. color copies.

  • Determine how often you’d like to make color copies.

This whole issue has changed dramatically over the past decade. Just a few short years ago, 90% of what I sold was B&W printers. Today, it’s just the opposite. Color printing has become more and more affordable. I can find a table-top or multi-function printer with color that will fit just about anyone’s budget. If you’ve been outsourcing your color printing, this may be the perfect opportunity to bring it in house.

And speaking of budget, what’s yours? That is the next issue you need to consider when trying to pick the best printer for your organization.

  • Define your budget parameters.

Most people typically have a budget in mind for leasing or owning a printer, as well as expenditures on parts, supplies and service.

Finally, you’ve got to think about printer speed. This is THE defining aspect of copiers and printers today.

  • Figure out how often you will use your copier and how many copies/prints you want make at one time.

Sharp has 15 different models currently, running the gamut between 20 pages per minute and 110 pages per minute (i.e., production print equipment capable of 70,000 to 200,000 copies per month). Color is slightly slower.

Basically, if you run a lot of copies every day, you don’t want a slow printer. People who are used to 90 pages per minute will not want to go down to 60 pages per minute. It’s a balance between the cost of the printer and the value of your time and productivity.

Of course, you don’t want to forget about service. It’s critical to getting the most out of your printer.

In this area, you always get what you pay for. Make sure you choose a copier and printer company that has well-trained techs and top-notch service standards.

Other options you can consider include managed print services, which will ensure maximum efficiency on all levels across your entire fleet of printers.

So, if you’re part of a business, church or school in Northeast or Northwest Ohio – including Canton, Akron, Toledo and surrounding areas – and looking for a new copier or all-in-one printer, give me a call. I’ll be happy to walk through this entire process with you. Together, I’m sure we can find the exact right printer for you.

Print Audit Improves Efficiency of Document Production

Managed Print ServicesSince cost-cutting is a popular activity these days, perhaps you’re taking a good, hard look at the expenses associated with your printer and copier fleet.

If you’re an office manager, you may wonder why it seems like you’re ordering toner cartridges and copy paper all the time. Manufacturers promise a certain page yield from each toner cartridge they make, but few ever produce the expected amount. That’s because an average of five-percent document coverage is tough to achieve.

If you’re in IT, managing the output and efficiency of multifunction printers may not be high on your list of priorities, but, chances are, you need to attend to it. A print audit is the perfect solution in both cases.

A thorough copier and printer usage audit will provide you with objective data and results and should involve the following steps:

  1. Development of a floor plan that pinpoints the location of each laser printer, copier, multifunction device, inkjet and fax machine. This is the macro view that takes the total health of the printing environment into account.
  2. Fast, easy (and often remote) installation of a safe, lightweight printer audit software on a server or workstation. The software should poll your copier and printer fleet regularly; I recommend hourly queries. This is the micro view that checks for meter readings, toner levels, service conditions, warnings or alerts, and maintenance intervals.
  3. Secure transfer of the query data to a database for analysis.
  4. Continual feed of evaluated data into a secure, web-based interface that gives you single place where you can view all your printers, regardless of manufacturer. (If you’re in IT, you’ll appreciate the coolness factor of this.)
  5. Creation of a go-forward plan that may include reconfiguring of printing resources. With just several weeks of reporting, a good printer audit can help you quantify your machine volumes by month and year. Based on the copier model, you can determine cost of operation.

After your print audit, you may decide that managed print services can help you lower costs and improve document production efficiency. An MPS agreement gets you more than just a good deal on toner. You get total care of your entire printer and copier fleet with a reasonable, cost-per-print plan. That’s great news if you’re on a cost-cutting mission.

Copeco can provide you with simple, reliable printer usage audit, as well as cost-efficient managed print services. For more information, contact us.

High Efficency for Higher Education

Summer is coming to an end and parents and students have begun to prepare for the classroom with purchases of notebooks, laptops and other school supplies. Similarly, schools and colleges, would benefit from shopping a bit to update their copiers, printers and other essential equipment in an effort to increase productivity while reducing cost.

In the paper-intensive world of education, educators and staff must manage a large volume of materials, from classroom handouts to administrative data. Yet many of these institutions usually operate with smaller budgets while still being expected to produce high-caliber work.

The need for reliable yet economical resources puts a premium on the equipment schools select for their copying and printing needs. Copiers are one of the most popular tools used daily by teachers, administrators and other institution officials.

The dedicated team at Copeco has been managing the equipment, repair and product costs for learning institutions for many years. With the development of digital technology, schools are offered a number of high quality services, from advanced document scanning and transmission of data to e-mail and desktop faxing, and our Sharp Digital Imaging products have been leading the way.  From small desktop units to large multifunction units with a 6,600 page capacity Copeco has the right solution for your organization’s needs.

As always, Copeco is dedicated to providing the highest quality product and service to our customers and we welcome you to review the line of Sharp digital imaging products we recommend for educational institutions by going to or contacting your Copeco sales representative.

Is Your Copier Data Safe?

As you may know, early this year the CBS Evening News featured a story about security and the ease of extracting data from Multifunction Printers (MFPs). The investigation centered on digital copiers containing a hard drive, much like the one on your personal computer that store images of every document copied, scanned, or emailed from individual machines. CBS went to a warehouse/liquidator and, with forensic software downloaded from the internet; they were able to obtain sensitive documents from each machine including records from police departments and insurance companies.

Now that we have your attention let’s talk about what you need to know to protect your data and how Copeco is your partner in achieving that goal.

Here are a few questions to ask your representative about data security:

  • Does my copier have a hard drive and if so, does it have a built in utility to erase data?
  • What options are available that will allow me to protect, encrypt or erase my data?
  • What policies and procedures do you, the vendor, have in place to make sure that my data remains safe or is erased properly?

As your partner in security, Copeco has created the following policy to address the questions above.

  • Many of the newer copiers have built in hard drives however, there are some that do not—if you are unsure please contact Copeco and we will let you know
  • Most new Sharp copiers have a built in utility to erase or reformat your drive. Additionally, some of our Sharp products are equipped with a kit that will encrypt all data and erase the hard drive after every job.
  • Copeco offers a variety of services to erase your data depending upon your service contract and equipment.  Please review our security policy to determine which service is right for you.

Your data security is essential and it is our job to make sure that you are protected.  Customer service is our top priority and we are here to make sure all your needs are addressed.  If you have any questions about your current copier data security please feel to put them in the comment section and we will be sure to answer them as quickly as possible.