Copeco Receives Award and AAA Rating in Sharp’s Platinum Service Provider Recognition Program for the Year

Not only do we provide top-notch products, our long-term relationship with Sharp Electronics Corporation makes us experts in caring for your office equipment.

Copeco has worked so hard at making customers happy over the years that Sharp has recognized us for our outstanding customer service and knowledge in our industry. We’re proud to announce that we’ve been awarded the highest rating (AAA) in Sharp’s service provider recognition program!

What is a Sharp Platinum Service Provider?

Sharp has an authorized service network of providers that they hold to high standards to deliver the best possible products and services to their customers worldwide. Sharp Platinum Level Service Providers are expected to offer these key advantages:

  • Customer-oriented service department
  • Quick service response times
  • Use of high-quality Sharp products and supplies for maximum product reliability
  • Efficient issue resolution process
  • Trained and certified technical staff

Who is Given the Platinum Level Service Provider Award?
In order to be recognized, organizations must show excellence in the following four areas of service delivery:

  • Using genuine Sharp parts and supplies
  • Commitment to training
  • Using remote diagnostic technology
  • Timely updating of call tracking tickets

At Copeco, we are dedicated to providing the high-level service and support our 2,000+ customers have come to expect, and we can help you stay current with office technology that keeps up with your ever-changing needs and ideas.

About Sharp Electronics Corporation

Sharp Electronics Corporation (SEC) is a subsidiary of Sharp Corporation, a company known worldwide for its unique, one-of-a-kind electronic products and solutions.

Sharp’s business products are known for boosting productivity and reducing operating costs. Those products include networked multifunction office solutions, professional and commercial displays and Skywell atmospheric water generators.

Experience High-Quality Products and the Best in Customer Service from Copeco

Sharp has trusted us to be a Platinum Service Provider and we’ve proven our commitment to customer satisfaction with an AAA rating. You can trust us to provide the best for your company. Contact us today to learn more or request a quote!

Big Bad List of Cool Things You Can Do with a Color Copier

Technology with multi-function color printers and copiers has come a long way. And because copiers use toner and not ink, it’s more cost-efficient than ever to use them for many printing projects you would have sent to an offset printer in the old days. (Not that long ago, right?)

You say, “Give me examples.” No problem! Although I work mainly with Sharp color copier and printer equipment, I know other brands also offer the capabilities to create these products.

But before you read any further, it’s important for you to keep the following things in mind:

  1. Use the “thick” setting when using “thick” paper. High quality color printing depends greatly on your paper settings. You want to avoid streaking, which can happen if you use the wrong setting. (Always follow manufacturers recommendations for paper types in your copier/printer).
  2. Always follow your manufacturer’s directions on paper settings. For example, with certain Sharp all-in-one color printers, you must use the manual feed tray for postcards, tab paper, glossy paper and other specialty stock. Other models can handle up to 110 lb. card stock in the main unit tray and optional drawer. So, don’t waste paper! Check before you start printing.

So, without further ado, here’s my big bad list of cool things to do with a color copier (in no particular order):

  • Invitations – Personalize them easily and at no extra charge!

Invitations made on a color copier, Copeco

  • Thank you cards – Skip the trip to the store over your lunch break. You’ll never run out.
  • Holiday cards – Surprise customers with a photo of your office staff (or not).
  • Booklets – Print educational materials on demand.
  • Raffle tickets – Now it’s easy to make your own for that big fundraiser.
  • Table-top advertising – Publicize your upcoming events at upcoming events.

Table tents made on a color copier, CopecoTable top advertising made using a color copier, Copeco

  • Brochures – Update them as often as needed and print small quantities.
  • Flyers, pamphlets and leaflets – Create handouts on the fly and print them up just as quickly.
  • Posters (up to 12″ x 18″, cropped to 11″ x 17″) – Hang them up everywhere or place them on easels for eye appeal.

Posters made on a color copier, Copeco

  • Programs and bulletins – Control your costs and create just enough.
  • Event tickets – Grab yourself a perforation tool and get started.

Tickets printed on a color copier, Copeco

  • Event signs – Tell everyone where to go and what to do.
  • Name tags –  Make sure everyone gets to know everyone else.

name badges printed on a color copier, Copeco

  • Back stage passes – For the privileged few.

backstage passes printed on a color copier, Copeco

  • Certificates – Give credit where credit is due.
  • Magazines, newsletters and catalogs – Yes indeed, the quality is that good!

newsletters printed on a color copier, Copeco

  • Business cards – So everyone can be into your business.

business cards printed on a color printer, Copeco

What kinds of projects have you used your color copier for? Tell me about them below in the comments. Or send me a tweet at @CopecoCopiers.

9 Reasons Why Businesses Love Sharp Copiers

sharp multi-function printerHow do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height… OK, maybe I should stop there.

It should come as no surprise that I love Sharp copiers and printers. There are so many benefits they can bring to businesses, and there is nothing I love more than helping companies learn how to save money or improve productivity with their Sharp copier or printer.

Through the years, I have also learned why the businesses and organizations we work with love their Sharp copiers and printers. I have put together a list of the top reasons they shared with me.

Why My Customers Love Their Sharp Copiers & Printers

1. The retractable full-size keyboard that makes it so easy to enter information.
Sometimes using a regular keyboard is just easier and quicker than a touch-screen. Especially for those of us with clumsy fingers. 🙂

2. The customizable 10.1″ Hi-Def touch-screen display makes it easy to see and navigate menus.
This larger touch-screen display is easier to read and navigate than the copier screens of the past, and for that, we are thankful.

3. The SharpDesk scan software that lets me convert paper documents into editable text documents.
Administrative assistants rejoice! Gone are the days of being handed a piece of paper and having to retype the entire document to make a few simple changes. Just scan, convert and edit. Voila!

4. The Dual Scan document feeder than scans both sides of an original at once.
No more flipping and flopping documents to get a scan of both sides. Have both sides scanned in one fell swoop.

5. The functionality of editing documents on screen and deleting blank pages BEFORE sending.
You have scanned in a document to send to someone, but the document contains blank pages. Previously, you had to let go of any OCD tendencies and just send as is. No longer! Remove those aggravating blank pages before you send.

6. The new 1200 x 1200 dpi color!
Notice the exclamation point at the end of this one? Many of my customers are pretty excited over this one and so am I. Your documents have never looked this good. It allows you to economically produce professional, high-quality documents with razor-sharp images in-house.

7. The award-winning reliability of Sharp MFPs.
No business has time for the copier or printer to crash on them. Sharp multi-function printers have won numerous awards and are known for their reliability.

8. Options, options, options.
With a Sharp copier there are so many options available to businesses—from expandable memory capabilities to extra paper capacity, and professional finishers to software add-ons. The equipment can be totally customized to meet any business’s needs.

9. The innovation of cloud portal and document management integration.
Businesses and organizations are becoming more mobile by the minute. More employees are working remotely and access to smartphones and tablets is at an all-time high. Sharp’s document management options allow your employees to stay connected even when they are not in the office.

With all of those reasons, what is not to love about Sharp multi-function printers and copiers? If you are located in the Canton, North Canton, Akron, Toledo areas or elsewhere in Ohio, contact us and let us help you find the right printer or copier for your business’s needs.

Copiers and Printers: The Next Generation, Episode II

The previous episode of Copiers and Printers: The Next Generation, explored new features you can expect from Sharp in the next year and how these features help boost productivity. In this episode, Tom Kappele, regional sales manager with Sharp Electronics Corp., shares his opinions on trends and what might be coming down the pike in the future with copiers and printers.

Looking Further Into the Future

Despite technological advances, we are a long way from being a paperless society. The number of printed pages worldwide is expected to remain steady over the next several years. As long as there is a need for printed documents, Sharp will develop and market new technology to make it easier, faster and more cost efficient for the customer. When you look at today’s devices compared to 5 or 10 years ago, the end user gets so much more for approximately the same amount of money.

Today’s multi-function printers (MFPs) are really more of a communications hub than just a copier or printer. Using these systems to their full capacity allows the user to copy, print and scan, as well as:

  • Archive documents either locally or in the cloud
  • Easily retrieve documents when needed
  • Pull documents to the MFP from the network
  • Browse the internet
  • Set up automated document workflows to process inbound or outbound paperwork more efficiently.

In addition, they print with incredible image quality at a more cost-effective cost per page than ever before.

Sharp celebrated its 100-year anniversary last year. We have been successful all these years by continually evolving and adapting to technological advancements and also by listening to our customers. That core philosophy will not change. When developing new products and technologies, end user feedback to the authorized dealer or directly to Sharp is very important. In some cases this input can be used to enhance current products even more quickly through firmware updates. Staying in tune with dealer and end user needs is critical to our long-term success in a very competitive industry. Your feedback is important to us.

Share with us your feedback and the features you would like to see in future Sharp multi-function printers.

Copiers and Printers: The Next Generation, Episode I

Business Man in SpaceOffice spaces, the final frontier. These are the voyages of Sharp multi-function printers and copiers. Their continuing mission: to explore strange new corporations, to seek out new life and new technologies, to boldly go where no printer or copier has gone before.

OK, maybe that was a little over the top, but Sharp continues to introduce innovative new printer and copier technology each year. We want to introduce you to the next generation of Sharp multi-function printers (MFPs). Tom Kappele, regional sales manager with Sharp Electronics Corp., shares his opinions below on new trends and features.

New Features You Can Expect in the Next Year

Sharp has recently released products in a few different categories, and I would expect this trend to continue over the next year. Like many of the manufacturers in our industry, we are introducing products in new market segments and also improving and enhancing existing products to meet customer expectations.

Recent introductions have included:

  • Production Color Models: 65- and 75-page-per-minute models with advanced job management tools and color processing capabilities using a Fiery print server. These models open new doors for Sharp and our dealers allowing us to sell color into high-volume production environments. These are our most advanced color MFPs ever.
  • Advanced Digital Display Products: Sharp’s line of Aquos Board Interactive Displays (60-, 70- and 80-inch models) give our dealers an opportunity to help customers in new markets—conference rooms, training facilities, etc. These products are state-of-the-art, high-definition LCD displays that can replace old technology such as projectors, white boards and flip charts in classrooms, conference rooms and more.
  • Mid-Volume Color MFP Products with New/Enhanced Functionality, including:
    • Standard wireless capability
    • Standard mobile printing
    • Standard Adobe postscript printing
    • Cloud-based document management and document storage capability
    • Standard Pantone color matching
    • Faster processors, more standard memory and larger hard drives for improved job completion
    • Enhanced, customizable user interfaces to simplify end user experience
    • Longer supply yields and reduced total cost of ownership

In the next year I would expect Sharp to release black-and-white models that incorporate some of these same enhancements that our color line-up has seen in the past 6-12 months. Sharp is a leading technology company that is constantly looking to improve existing products, and end users expect us to bring improvements and enhancements to our products.

How These Features Help Boost Productivity

The MFP market has been mature for years, so it’s not seeing growth from year to year in overall unit sales. Our industry is all about improving current technology. Improved productivity using the features mentioned above is part of the overall improvement of technology. These new capabilities are designed to simplify complex printing, copying and scanning jobs and shorten turnaround time.

Document management solutions, as mentioned above, will continue to be a focus for Sharp. All current and future products have the ability, using Sharp’s Open System Architecture (OSA), to integrate with third-party software solutions to easily scan and archive electronic documents, automate workflows to improve document processing within an organization, or track MFP usage and seamlessly bill by department using third-party accounting systems.

Cloud services are quickly becoming attractive for MFPs, just as they are for day-to-day software solutions in the office environment. End users have the option to pay monthly subscription fees for software rather than purchasing and installing it on their own server. I expect that trend to continue, so we’ll see even greater focus from Sharp on additional cloud services over the next year.

Share with us your feedback and the features you would like to see in new Sharp multi-function printers.

In Copiers and Printers: The Next Generation, Episode II, we will look further into the future of copiers and printers with Tom Kappele.

3 Ways the Sharp Aquos Board Revolutionizes the Board Room

Here at Copeco, we are always looking for solutions to keep you on the cutting edge of printer and copier technology. Enter Sharp’s Aquos Board, which makes slide carousels, overhead projectors, digital projectors and white boards a thing of the past.

This revolutionary interactive display system combines the traditional whiteboard, TV, touch-screen computer and projector, and creates an amazing multimedia center for the board room, classroom or conference center. The video below, from Sharp USA, gives an excellent visual overview of the Aquos Board.

Benefits of the Sharp Aquos Board

As you can see from the video, the Aquos Board allows you to annotate or “write” on your presentations and share them through digital technology with those in attendance at your meeting or presentation. While live annotation of your presentations is a pretty amazing feature, it can provide many additional benefits far beyond this, allowing you to work smarter, not harder. We have broken down several different situations where the Aquos Board can be immensely helpful.

1. Strategic Planning & Team Brainstorming

Have you ever been involved in a strategic planning session for an organization? It often entails brainstorming ideas, goals and tactics to reach those goals. These sessions usually entail many pieces of paper from easel pads that one lucky person gets to transcribe and send to participants after the meeting.

What if you could streamline this process? Preloaded with many commonly used templates such as calendars, action plans, graph paper and to-do lists, the Aquos Board allows you to ditch the paper and transcribing. You are able to create lists on screen during your session, and at the end, save it to a computer and email it to those in attendance. Or, you can send the information to your Sharp multi-function printer and print copies of the information to send to those in attendance.

In addition, as you saw in the video, you can bring up existing documents or reports and annotate those during your session. Then, just as with the brainstorming, send or print the annotated version to give to attendees. You save staff time (with no transcription) and are able to get the information to the attendees more quickly.

2. Presentations & Training

The Sharp Aquos Board simply makes your presentations to look better. Have you ever given a PowerPoint presentation that is projected on a screen and the color or focus is just a bit off? With spectacular HD clarity, backlit design and Sharp’s Uv2A photo-alignment technology, your presentations have never looked this great. And, even better, your presentations have never been easier to read by your audience.

Would you like to zoom in on a particular slide or document in a presentation? The Aquos Board’s touch screen works much like that of a tablet or smartphone. You are able to quickly zoom in or out with the swipe of your hands.

As you are giving your presentation, highlight key points, make annotations or emphasize topics with your finger or Sharp Pen. Just like in the example above, you are able to save the annotated presentation and send it to those in attendance. This is particularly helpful in training environments. With the annotated version, trainees are able to refer back to the presentation in the future for those key points.

3. Video Conferencing

If you have team members in different locations, the video conferencing capabilities cannot be beat. While viewing the presentation, all participants can write on the screen images for real-time interactive participation. Again, the annotated version of this presentation can then be easily sent to all participants. The Aquos Board can also be used in a similar fashion for webinars and teleconferences.

Want to take an Aquos Board for a test drive? If you are in the Canton, North Canton, Akron, Toledo or elsewhere in Ohio, contact us. We would be happy to show you all of the Aquos Board’s bells and whistles.

Copying Success: How Sharp Helps Customers Again and Again

Success stories of Sharp copiers and printersPurchasing new copiers and printers for your business, school or church can rank up there with other costly capital expenditures. After all, you want to choose office equipment that will meet your changing needs for years to come.

When I have to make a big decision about a product or service, I usually start by reading reviews. I want to see not only how others have rated the product I’m considering, but also how they’ve successfully incorporated it into their life and workflow (or not).
Read more

Get Video How-to Resources for Sharp Printers on YouTube

Want copier and printer help? Try Sharp printer videos on YouTube.The dreaded help manual. Just about every copier or printer has one, but rarely do we reach for it when troubleshooting or trying to figure out a new feature. Why? It’s so much easier to Google the answer.

However, with a billion results (most often in written form), it can also be time consuming to find what you need via search engines. Sometimes, you just want someone to show you.
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How to Scan and Email Two-sided Documents on a Sharp Copier

When you only perform a task once in a while, it’s easy to forget how to do it. Apparently, that goes for scanning and sending two-sided documents as a PDF file because I get at least two calls per month about this from my Sharp copier and printer customers. And since people are calling for this information, I bet they are searching for it, too!

Hopefully, many of you out there will find this tutorial helpful.

Process for Scanning, Emailing Documents with Two Sides

  1. Place your original(s) in the document feeder on your Sharp all-in-one printer.
  2. On the control panel or home page, press the email button and select your address(es).How to scan a document and email PDF from a Sharp copier or printer
  3. Again, on the control panel, select “original” and then, when prompted, choose “2-sided booklet.” If some of your originals are one sided, don’t worry. The Sharp will take care of that.
  4. Finally, select “others.” When prompted, select “blank page delete.” (See, I promised our copiers and printers would take care of that!)How to delete a blank page when scanning to Sharp copiers and printers
  5. Now you are ready to go! Press start. Blank pages will automatically be deleted before the PDF is sent to the designated recipients.

If you do this often, don’t hesitate to ask your Sharp dealer to create a custom button on your printer’s home page. Then, this process can be completed just by clicking one button.

Do you use Sharp office products in Canton, Akron or Toledo, Ohio? We’d be happy to show you other ways to get the most out of your machines! Contact us for more information.

FAQ: What Is the Best Copier for My Business?

Get Sharp Color Copiers and Printers in Canton, Akron, Toledo and Northeast OhioThis is one of the questions that begins nearly every conversation I have with a new client. How do I choose the right copier for my organization’s needs? It doesn’t matter if you own a small business, manage a department in a mid- to large-sized company, or run a church or school office. You still need a copier, printer or all-in-one machine that will do everything you need it to do at a price you can afford.

The first place I always start is by asking, “What needs do you have that aren’t currently being fulfilled by your printers and copiers?” So, you should start there, too.

  • Create a list of must-haves, as well as printer options you’d like to have.

In most cases, you’re probably ready for functionality you didn’t have before, like scanning, stapling or three-hole punching. But maybe you aren’t sure of all the amazing things today’s advanced printing technology can do. Be sure to ask! Some options that were add-ons several years ago now come standard, which is always an added bonus.

The next thing to consider when you’re picking out a new printer is black-and-white copies vs. color copies.

  • Determine how often you’d like to make color copies.

This whole issue has changed dramatically over the past decade. Just a few short years ago, 90% of what I sold was B&W printers. Today, it’s just the opposite. Color printing has become more and more affordable. I can find a table-top or multi-function printer with color that will fit just about anyone’s budget. If you’ve been outsourcing your color printing, this may be the perfect opportunity to bring it in house.

And speaking of budget, what’s yours? That is the next issue you need to consider when trying to pick the best printer for your organization.

  • Define your budget parameters.

Most people typically have a budget in mind for leasing or owning a printer, as well as expenditures on parts, supplies and service.

Finally, you’ve got to think about printer speed. This is THE defining aspect of copiers and printers today.

  • Figure out how often you will use your copier and how many copies/prints you want make at one time.

Sharp has 15 different models currently, running the gamut between 20 pages per minute and 110 pages per minute (i.e., production print equipment capable of 70,000 to 200,000 copies per month). Color is slightly slower.

Basically, if you run a lot of copies every day, you don’t want a slow printer. People who are used to 90 pages per minute will not want to go down to 60 pages per minute. It’s a balance between the cost of the printer and the value of your time and productivity.

Of course, you don’t want to forget about service. It’s critical to getting the most out of your printer.

In this area, you always get what you pay for. Make sure you choose a copier and printer company that has well-trained techs and top-notch service standards.

Other options you can consider include managed print services, which will ensure maximum efficiency on all levels across your entire fleet of printers.

So, if you’re part of a business, church or school in Northeast or Northwest Ohio – including Canton, Akron, Toledo and surrounding areas – and looking for a new copier or all-in-one printer, give me a call. I’ll be happy to walk through this entire process with you. Together, I’m sure we can find the exact right printer for you.