Copeco Honors Employees at Annual Breakfast

The following employees were honored at the Copeco annual awards meeting on Wednesday, January 19, 2011.

 Support Employee of the Fourth Quarter:  John Sedlak

 Support Employee of the Year: Robin O’Connor

 Service Manager Mark Pamer recognized service employees of the month.  

October: Larry Keffer

November: Garry Sawkins

December: Cheryll Stankiewicz

 The service manager appreciation award went to Toledo service technician Mark Rader.

 Service Employee of the Quarter: Keith Kinty

 Service Employee of the Year: Cheryll Stankiewicz.

 Fourth Quarter Quota Achievers Randy Hudson with 111% of quota and Tammy McLaughlin with 155%.

 Sales Executive of the Fourth Quarter: Greg Foxx achieved 223% of his quota

 Sales Executive of the Year: Greg Foxx for achieving 126% of his quota