How to Make Printed Copies Using Different Types of Paper Inserts

Today’s color printers and copiers can help you do so many things to create professional-looking documents. One that my customers ask me about from time to time is how to add page inserts (or insertion sheets). This can include various types of colored paper, tabs, heavier weight covers and much more.

Here is a simple, nine-step process for how to make multi-page printed copies on a Sharp all-in-one printer or copier using various types of paper from different trays:

  1. Load your paper trays with the types of paper that you wish to use. Please note: if you want to make a copy on both sides of a particular type of paper or insert sheet, you cannot use label sheets, transparency films or tab paper. Also, you can only use tab paper as an insert if you don’t make any type of copy on it.
  2. Place your original document in the automatic document feeder tray and tap the [Preview] key.
  3. Tap the [Others] key and then tap the [Covers/Inserts] key.How to Insert Paper from Different Trays on a Sharp Copier
  4. Tap the [Insertion Type A] key and then tap the [Change] key. Note: the default settings for insertion types A and B are the same.
  5. If you only want to INSERT a particular type of paper (sheet A and/or B), tap the [Make No Copy] key. If you actually do want to make a copy on the insert (see my note in #1), tap the [Simplex] or [2-Sided Copy] key. After you finish with these setting, just tap the [X] key. Note: to change the type of paper insert you want to use, tap the [Paper Tray] key and select the tray that contains the paper you want.How to make copies using page inserts on a Sharp copier or printer
  6. Tap the insert page display key.
  7. Using the number keys, enter the number of the page where the inserted sheet should go, and then tap the [Enter] key. The total number of insertion sheets is displayed at the side of the [Enter] key. Repeat these steps for the number of insertion sheets. Note: if you accidentally enter an incorrect insert page number, tap the [Page Layout] key and change the page.Learn how to create multi-page copies with different types of page inserts
  8. After the settings are complete, tap [X] and [Back] keys in sequence.
  9. Preview how your document will turn out using the preview screen. Note: to cancel all settings, tap the [CA] key.
  10. Tap the [Color Start] or the [B/W Start] key to start copying.

I hope you get lots of use from this great feature on your Sharp printer. I’ve helped many customers learn how to use it. If your business is located in Northeast Ohio or Western Pennsylvania, contact us for more information about Sharp office equipment and how to get the most out of it.