Managed Print Services: the Way to Go with Laser Printer Fleets

Many companies try to manage their laser printer fleet using the piecemeal approach. One person purchases toner cartridges, and another orders spare parts. When a printer breaks down, IT experts go out and do first-level triage – when they have time. If IT can’t fix it, sometimes the company just replaces the printer altogether. Sound familiar?

While this method may get the job done, it lacks efficiency. And, there’s a cost involved, both in lost time and revenues. If your office is running 10,000 black-and-white laser-printed pages per month (the equivalent of a couple cases of paper), you should consider managed print services.

Currently an IT buzzword, managed print services, or MPS, involves end-to-end management of network printing devices. CBS Interactive’s ZDNet offers this helpful definition of MPS: “a strategy designed to help manage the volume of documents flowing through the organization and minimize the costs associated with printing, sharing and updating them.” In other words, an MPS provider like Copeco will take everything that has to do with putting toner on a page and place it under a cost-per-page agreement, similar to what you may have with your copiers, fax machines and/or multi-function devices. When it’s time for a new cartridge, your MPS provider ships it. When a printer breaks down, they fix it – faster, more accurately and for far less than you could on your own.

Another perk: no more disappointment when toner doesn’t last as long as you think it should. With MPS, you get a guaranteed cost per page, period. Plus, a qualified MPS provider will offer you a complete audit of your laser printer infrastructure to eliminate redundancy and improve use of your current devices.

So, if you’ve got 10 or more laser printers (or even five with a heavy print volume), Copeco, an Ohio-based managed print services provider, can help. Visit our website for more information or contact us about laser printer repair and printer fleet management.