Office Solution Software That Will Improve Your Business Operations

save time and moneyOne of the great things about Sharp copiers and multi-function printers is all of the additional software and apps available to improve your business. Installing these apps using Sharp’s OSA technology allows you to customize your printer to exactly your business needs. No more one-size-fits-all copier!

From helping you manage your printing costs to improving your document workflow and keeping you compliant with regulations, there are software solutions for every size business and organization.

In this post, we are going to take a look at two office software solutions that can help any business—those that manage print and copy costs and those that manage document workflow.

Office Solution Software to Manage Print & Copy Costs

Copiers and printers are often the most used—and most abused—pieces of equipment in the office. Printing and copying costs can spiral out of control unnecessarily for businesses. Special software installed on your printer or copier can become a solution to this all-too-common office problem. The type of software that can assist your business with this is referred to as cost accounting software.

Cost accounting software can help you manage access to the printer or copier and control which users have access to different features of the equipment and limit output. It allows you to set up user groups based on access levels and assign codes or other forms of security keys to grant the right permissions to each group. For instance, in a school you may have differing levels of security and create special groups for students, teachers and administration. You would be surprised at how much money can be saved by managing access and enforcing limits on groups. And throughout this process, you will be able to track and analyze usage data for the user groups.

Office Solution Software to Manage Document Workflow

Switching to electronic document management can save your employees and staff members time, and also save your company money. It is important to have effective workflow processes in place to manage your documents. The type of software the can offer your business a solution to this is referred to as document management and workflow software.

Document management and workflow software can allow your office to communicate more effectively and adopt a digital workflow with ease. Set up predefined workflows with document management software that you can select from your multi-function printer’s touch screen, for each type of document your process. Define what file type the document should be stored as,  where it should be stored and if it needs to be emailed or faxed to someone as well. The software also provides easy, user-friendly methods for searching and retrieving documents. Forget the room full of filing cabinets; with digital document management sorting, storing and retrieving documents is a breeze!

There are numerous software solutions available for your Sharp copier or printer to assist with cost accounting, and document management and workflow. Contact us or speak with your sales representative to determine which piece(s) of software would best fit your office’s needs. Make your life easier and save your company money!