Reduce Printer & Copier Costs with App for Print Management, Part 5: Resources

Get simple print management softwareI hate it when I download an app to my smartphone, and it drains my battery life, needs updates every other day and causes operating system problems. It’s the same thing when it comes to good printer management software for your office.

As I finish up this five part series on the topic of how to track printer and copier use, my final word is that you want an app that’s not resource intensive.

Of course, the first thing you probably think of when I mention resources is cost. A couple months ago, when I blogged about the benefits of a print manager app, my first suggestion was find one that’s free. No monetary resources needed! Again, many printer and copier dealers will offer an app at no cost to you, so why pay for it?

But, beyond money, you should also be looking for print tracking software that:

  • Runs as a Windows service on a Windows-based machine or network. In other words, it should run silently in the background, taking up virtually no system resources.
  • Scans only once per hour. This is a feature you should be able to set per your preferences.
  • Scans a Class C network in 15 seconds and then goes back to sleep. Again, it runs quickly, efficiently and doesn’t bog down your network or PC.
  • Sends data automatically via encryption over the Internet. That way you don’t need to use up any of your time checking or reviewing data. Your copier or printer dealer should send you a simple report as often as you want it.

The advantage of a print management app is its simplicity. For no cost and virtually no system resources, it will give you an accurate snapshot of how much your printer fleet is costing you based on print volume. The data can be viewed at the corporate level or broken down by department or even individual printer or copier.

If you’re a “bean counter” or IT manager, this is beautiful! If you’re not currently using this type of app, what are you waiting for?

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