Sharp Data Security Kit–What Can It Do For You?

In last week’s post we discussed ways of keeping your copier data protected and one of the options we discussed was adding on an additional Sharp Security Package to your new or current equipment.  While Copeco and Sharp provide excellent standard options for data security some customers may require a higher level of data protection and for those clients we recommend the Sharp Data Security Kit (DSK) add on.

Sharp’s optional Data Security Kit (DSK) helps protect and control major Multifunction Peripherals (MFP) systems and subsystems including print, copy, scan, fax jobs, network settings, operating system, memory components, local user interface, engine and job controllers. The DSK uses the 128/256 bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm on all data before it is written to RAM or Flash memory and the hard disk. The DSK also provides overwriting routines for deleted data, to ensure all information is virtually irretrievable by unauthorized users.

Sharp was the first to address security in digital imaging and received the first Common Criteria Validation for an MFP in 2001 from the National Information Assurance Partnership, a joint program of the National Security Agency (NSA) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology.  Sharp remains the highest rated company for validated MFP products, and is regarded as one of the industry’s greatest security innovators. As a Certified Sharp Dealer, Copeco shares Sharp’s commitment to providing the highest quality service and protecting your company’s sensitive data whether you are small business in Ohio or a government agency across the country.  Below are just a few of the benefits and features that Sharp’s Data Security Kit offers.


  • Sensitive data does not remain on the print/copy device
  • Helps companies conform to Data Privacy legislation
  • Helps reduce your exposure to liability due to data leak


  • Encrypts data prior to being stored in Memory
  • Encrypts all data stored in the HD file cabinet
  • All memory cleared after copy, scan and print use
  • Runs automatically without user initiation

If you would like to download the complete Sharp Security Kit Brochure, Sharp’s presentation on MFP Security Presentation, or Copeco’s Security Policy, please go to .

As always, Copeco is dedicated to providing the highest quality product and service to our customers so if you have any questions or concerns about your data security or adding on the optional Sharp Data Security Kit please contact your sales representative.