Take Your Printer or Copier for a Test Drive Before Purchasing

Test Drive Printers and CopiersSo many choices, so little time! With a wide variety of choices available in printer and copier equipment, you want to choose the best option for your organization or business. Do you need document scanning abilities for electronic filing or sending? Do you only need to print in black-and-white or does your sales team need high-quality color copying for full-color presentations? Or maybe your biggest concern is ease of use for your employees. Whatever your needs and concerns, a hands-on demonstration can easily answer those questions and help you make a great decision.

Having led several equipment demos during my sales career at Copeco, I know how beneficial they can be. Think of on-site demonstrations like test driving a car: Would you really buy a vehicle without taking it for a spin first? Probably not. First, you want to make sure the car has all of the amenities you are looking for. Next, you want to feel comfortable behind the wheel. Switch out PPM (pages per minute) for RPM (revolutions per minute), and cars and copiers are actually similar—though I suggest keeping your copier in the office and not on the road!

Your Place or Ours?

The first thing I ask when setting up a demo appointment is whether you prefer our showroom here at Copeco in North Canton or your office. Either way works great. For those that choose to visit our showroom, they have the opportunity to use and see several different equipment models in action, whether for black-and-white, print production or color. Once at Copeco, not only can you see the equipment in action, but you can also see our support staff doing what they do best—taking care of our customers!

We understand, however, that you are busy running a business, office or organization, and it is sometimes difficult to find time to leave the office. Copeco is also happy to deliver equipment to your business and provide a hands-on demonstration in your own work environment. Copeco will deliver the equipment at your convenience and connect it to your computer network (or use our laptops) to demonstrate scanning or printing. Once the on-site demo is complete, customers are often ready to keep the equipment and enter into a new purchase or lease agreement.

One-Stop Shopping

Recently I had a group of people visit Copeco to see a color multi-function printer. While they were here, they saw some of our wide-format equipment. They decided Copeco could provide a “one-stop shopping” spot. Visiting our showroom saved them time and money by being able to see all of the equipment and services we provide, including print management and printer supplies.

Besides showing how the equipment will meet or exceed your expectations—and I know it will—during the demonstration I really want you to learn more about me, more about Copeco, and, in the process, more about what Platinum Level Service really means for your business or organization.

Copiers these days are more than just copiers, and we are more than just a copier company. Copeco has received the highest awards from Sharp for outstanding customer service for many reasons. We have a team of highly skilled technicians who receive ongoing technical training. Our team of experienced sales professionals will help you keep pace with office technology

It is our goal to see your business thrive. Whether you are located in Canton, North Canton, Akron, Toledo or elsewhere in Ohio, contact us to set up an equipment demo today!